Free Delivery for purchase above $130.

Payment Method

PayNow (Singapore)
PayNow is adopted to avoid any transaction fees that may be incurred when using other modes of payment. In doing so, we ensure that you will have the best rates possible when making a purchase with us.

1. Transfer to

    PayNow: 86684624

2. Confirm payment by sending screenshot of transaction no. either through;
a. Whatsapp at 86684624. Quote your order no.

Card Payment 
3.2% + 50¢ Card fee will manually apply to the revised invoice after an order is submitted. The final invoice will be forwarded to you in a separate e-mail. No payment is taken from your card till you complete your purchase with card fee.

We understand that customers may sometimes prefer the convenience of paying for their purchases using their card (Visa, MasterCard). As such, we accept Card payment in addition to the more popular options of payment such as using Internet Banking, ATM fund transfer or PayNow – which we have been offering to customers wanting to save on the card fee. This fee is imposed by 3rd party financial providers processing the payment.

We discourage any Card Payment due to the transaction fee. But if you want to opt for it too, we can activate it for you. Whatsapp at 86684624.