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ZEN Breeze Humidifier

Kirona Scent

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Increase air moisture to improve the condition for cold, dry sinus, cough, congestion, dry, and cracked skin.

The diffuser comes with 1x 30ml EO. (PROMO SPECIAL: 2x 30ml EO)


7.5cm x 13cm (D x H)
Capacity: 70ml
Up to 3 hours
Timer options available
7 LED mood lights
Compatible to use with water-based essential oil
Auto Shut Off
Cable Length: Approx 1.3m


1. Remove the cover
2. Fill the tank with water below the Max line
3. Add approx 5 drops of your preferred essential oil into every 100ml of the water
4. Place the cover back on and plug the unit into the power
5. Press the mist button and enjoy the scented vapour slowly filling up your space